Am I dead?

Well, not quite. I haven't done much game development over the last few years. The last real releases I made were Run! and Mega Grape Adventures, both all the way back in 2012. There are a lot of reasons for this that I won't go into much (related to health, a growing interest in pursuing a career in creative writing, and general laziness) but while it wouldn't be true to say I have done nothing, I also haven't done a lot.

During this time of low activity, I have occasionally mentioned work on Verumsomnex+ and, slightly less occasionally, actually worked on it. The game has grown quite a lot from my initial plans of a simple remake of a very old game called Verumsomnex that I released back in 2009. Whereas initially I just wanted to come up with a more polished and graphically appealing version of a game I was uncommonly happy with, the game has expanded such that the content from the original game is now less than 20% of the content in the game, and will be even less if I get in all I want to. Of course, this sort of scope creep isn't good for actually finishing much of anything.

My goal is to have this game feature complete by the end of 2016 and release a public demo at some point before the end of 2016. Over the course of the remainder of this year and, of course, next year, I will try to update this blog, as well as the GameJolt and TIGSource pages.


Verumsomnex+ Restarted

As you may have deduced from the title, I'm restarting work on Verumsomnex+. Not quite from scratch, but close.

There's a Devlog if you're interested.



Braingale Theatre has been written up in PC Gamer and some other places I'm too lazy to find the links to.

I'm also planning to release a public beta of Verumsomnex+ soon, so stay tuned.


Braingale theatre

A super secret project from braingale has been released, featuring an all new game by yours truly.

Check it out.



Everything is taking longer than expected, but Verumsomnex+ is moving along. It still needs a lot of polish, and doing so is taking longer than anticipated. I know I said that twice, but it bears repeating.


Verumsomnex+ Update

So I've been talking about Verumsomnex+ for a while. Here's why it has not been released yet:

  • I keep adding random bits
  • The puzzles were a bit repetitive, so I'm having to come up with new ones
  • Constant adjusting of the graphics
  • The need to rewrite the dialogue, which I've been avoiding because it will be a lot of work
  • General laziness
Anyway, despite all that, I'm quite excited about the game, I think it's one of my better efforts. Fans of the original (all two of you) will enjoy new graphics and probably two or three times the gameplay. People unfamiliar with the original will... will have a harder time getting past the door, but not need to play the original.


Coming soon. I say that a lot.

I had planned to release three games before the end of the year, but I only managed two. Actually, I was originally aiming for five, but we won't go into that right now.

Anyway, I'm working hard on a Verumsomnex remake (creatively titled Verumsomnex+). It will have a lot more content than the original and look a lot better, but it has been taking longer than anticipated to complete.


I made some games.

Two games:

1. Run!


2. Mega Grape Adventures



Coming at some point in the future maybe

This is the official announcement. Devlog.



A game about the weather and the migration of a flightless bird.