Super Grape Adventures: Out Now!

Jump around! Collect stuff! Be a grape! A super grape!

Palette: Hempuli
Music: Skip Sandwich DX


  1. I had some problems with the gameplay, and stirred up the pot on the indiegames review site, but I think this game has allot of potential. Thanks for making it (and making it free) for people to try out. Sorry I dropped a few bombs on it, but I think there's allot of charm there and I'll look forward to your next endeavor.


  2. Thank you very much for your comments, and I am sorry you did not enjoy the game.
    I actually did have some people beta test it, but oh well.

  3. I fear that I was too critical of a free game. (*__*) Well, I'll keep visiting by and have a more positive/open mind about your future projects.

    The internet can get mean real fast and that isn't helpful for artists to grow.


  4. I don't really mind. I wouldn't want people to lie to me about how they felt about one of my games. Hopefully my next game will not be as irritating to the player.