It's been a while...
Anyway, you might see one or more of these released in the near future. Or maybe not. More likely not.

Small (in more ways than one) exploration game featuring a bird. It will likely be called "Bird", as I am incredibly creative.

War simulation game. More fun to watch than participate at this point. Sorry for the huge pic.

Messing about with graphics. No real gameplay as yet.

Side scrolling shooter, currently called "Squad of One".

Game for EGP No Buttons competition. I'm making a full featured platformer controlled entirely be waving the mouse around.

Bigger project than usual, features exploration, bossfights, and wall jumping. Also on a scale of 9x9 and using GM's default palette. There is no particular reason for either of these.
Feedback on which of these you find the most interesting would be useful, although it will probably be ignored.

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