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Here are the results for the 90 Minutes of Brains Competition:
There were many excellent entries, and I'd like to say that that's why it took me so long to judge, but that's not really true. But maybe you should pretend it is and not get mad.
And the winner is...
BirdBrain by Electron79

The Good: This game was one of the more well rounded of the entries, with an gradual difficulty curve and consistent graphics. The gameplay was fun, although there were a few oddities like enemies shooting through walls. However, the gradual introduction of new enemy types and progressively more difficult and interesting rooms more than made up for the few quirks. The game avoided the two pitfalls that most of the other entries fell into of either making the difficulty curve too abrupt (or non-existent), leading to me giving up in frustration, or making the game to easy and thus boring.

The Bad: While the graphics were nicely consistent, the enemy sprites were rather bland and uninteresting. no other sprite looked quite as good as the flying brain. It would have been cool if the creator had used other body parts as the enemies. This would have at least resulted in some interesting conversations (e.g. "I liked the game, but I found the spleens a bit too difficult"). As it is, the enemies are these boring yellow shapes nobody really likes.

Thanks to all who participated, there were quite a few excellent entries.

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