Krebswelte Review

Yeah, so I was looking through the TIGsource forums and saw an old game from cactus. I asked him about it on his forums and he kindly released it. So I thought I'd review it.
Krebswelte is a procedurally generated platform shooter created for the TIGSource procedural generation contest. The level generation is impressive although there are some oddities. The game seems to generate on of three different kinds of levels: levels without much in them at all, levels with lots of NPCs, and levels with lots of enemies. The text seems to be misaligned in many cases.

Despite these oddities, Krebswelte is a very enjoyable game. Running around, blowing stuff up, and buying more destructive weapons is always fun. Another interesting element is the ability to find and purchase additional lives. The game is very addictive, as I played for hours despite many, many deaths.
I would definitely recommend this game if you want a challenge. Download
+details are here.

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