Two Hours of Madness: The Winner

Everyone who enters wins! Yay!
No, seriously it was very hard to choose a winner. However, in the end I went with... (drum role please)
Hoola Roundup by Ashley Gwinnell!
When I was trying to choose a winner, I kept changing my mind. In the end it was down to this or TVengeance. There are three reasons I chose Hoola Roundup:
1) Fun, simple game.
2) Actually staying (mostly) within the time limit (10 minutes over instead of forty).
3) Fit the theme well.
Hoola Roundup is a good game, with amusing simple graphics. I probably played this game the most while trying to figure out who should win. The concept is very simple (move the Hoolas to corners of the corresponding color), but it is well pulled off and fairly polished.
This is not to say HR is perfect. It could definitely use more in the way of powerups, or some variation in Hoolas (behave differently, not just be different colors). However, it used the theme well, and is a fun little game.
Congrats to Ashley.

Thanks to everyone who entered, there wasn't a single game I did not enjoy playing.

Awards for other games (sort of in order of entry maybe):
The Most Creative, Attractive, Brilliant And Humble Creator Award:
Madness Endam by QOG

The First Game in Competition Other Than Mine Award and the prestigious Most Creative use of Bananas Award:
Banana Madness by Bugaham Games

The obvious Most 3D Game Award:
Push The Coin by Micheal Lawrence

The Greatest Cutscene/Plot Award:
Ze Frog! by Zach Taylor

The Best Special Effects Award and the You Almost Won Award:
TVengeance by Zack

The This Would Have Won Had You Not Spent Five Hours On It Award:
CrytorYan by Amidos

The This Is Not Half Bad But I'm Running Out Of Clever Ideas For Awards Award:
The Mad Room by playjamesgames.com

Thank you all for entering, there wasn't a single entry I did not enjoy playing.


  1. Hello there!

    Thanks for the feedback and review of my game. It's great to see that it came first place! I will be taking into account the suggestions and will implement them now that the contest is over! :)

    Could you perhaps split the link "Hoola Roundup by Ashley Gwinnell" into two so that one links to the game and the other to my website (http://www.ashleygwinnell.co.uk/)?
    I've blogged on my website so that it links back here. ;)

    All the entries were great, I look forward to the next contest!

    - Ashley Gwinnell

  2. Look! I got an award! lol. Thanks for hosting this QOG, it was fun.

  3. Second! Hooray! Thanks. I hope you have more contests. :)

  4. Hope you liked it :) at least :)
    I know I am slow in developping may be because I used lite version :) may be

    Congratulation to the Winner and for all participate games :)