Edeji Demo

A 15 stage demo of Edeji. Please let me know what you think of it. If you post some useful feedback, I will give you credit as a beta tester whenever I actually finish this.

Download here.
Note: this is an exploration game. There is no real plot or purpose other than to have fun.


  1. Like I said on the Poppenkast, the graphics are good, the colors are not. The gray and the sky clash in the second screenshot. Also, the font is terrible. You're better off making your own, so you can outline it or something. Look up font_create_from_sprite or something, I don't remember the exact function name. Other than that, nice game.

  2. Thanks... Beam? or Gu? yeah, I was going to make my own font, but I'm too lazy. I probably will in a bit though. :P

  3. I use Font Creator. I'm not sure if there's better out there, but this one's trial version is made poorly, so you can get around all the limitations.

    Oh, and I like the style of this new game BTW

  4. Cool... maybe some more sounds or music, as it's based on exploration. I like the pnj's sentences^^