Necronigmalogic is a short, bizarre game that was inspired by Cactus's Psychosomnium.
Just use the arrow keys to move and enter for the cutscenes. Enjoy!

Play it HERE!


  1. man, this got a horrible reception. i thought it was pretty good. :(

  2. it looks interesting, but i cant get past the second level. with the door on the lower level and the spikes around it. any tips?

  3. yea, this got a pretty bad reception, but don't worry, its only the big guys who get all the credit :) its a game with good potential, just not much plays. but look at ur score of 4.1! try just adding more tags, thinking about what people would actually search for! by the way, how do you get past the level with the Q O and G? i know how to move the blocks, but i cant seem to get through to the door!